profileI am a doctoral candidate in the Department of History at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. I graduated with an MA in Public History from Carleton University in 2013, and I hold a BA in History, Hons., from Mount Allison University, Sackville, Canada. My doctoral research evaluates visitor photographs taken at Holocaust memorial sites and museums, which have been shared on Instagram, Flickr, and Tumblr. I explore the ways in which hegemonic memory-making institutions collaborate with the visitor to consider and develop new avenues of Holocaust visuality and memory in the twenty-first century.

My MA research examined the presence of Holocaust denial through social media outlets, with a focus on YouTube comments. Through an assessment of such comments, my MRE explores the ways in which Holocaust denial impacts a historical understanding of the Holocaust in a twenty-first century virtual environment. I am also interested in history and activism through Web 2.0, and I am hoping to explore the intersection of activism, Holocaust museums, and photography in my doctoral research.

I have presented and work-shopped my research at the National Council on Public History (2015), the German Studies Association (2016), the Royal Holloway Summer Institute on Jewish Civilization and the Holocaust (2016), and the 14th biennial Lessons and Legacies Conference on the Holocaust (2016). I am currently writing a book manuscript with Jennifer Evans and Erica Fagen, titled Holocaust Memory in the Digital Mediascape (Bloomsbury UK, expected 2018).

My experience beyond academia is comprised of contract work and research assistantship. I worked as the research assistant for the Carleton Centre for Public History from 2012-13. I recently completed an internship with Digital Capacity, Evaluations and Acquisitions Branch at Library and Archives Canada, and in the past I have worked as a historical researcher with the Heritage Lighthouse Program at Parks Canada (2013), and with the Cultural Sciences Branch (2012), where I developed educational and interpretive web content for the This Week in History and Artefact of the Week projects. In the past I have served as a doctoral Graduate Academic Caucus representative for the Department of History, and I have been developing my skills in web design and communications through my volunteer efforts with the Underhill Graduate Student Colloquium Planning Committee. In in 2015 I was the Co-Chair of the 21st Annual Underhill Graduate Student Colloquium, and I am currently the managing editor for the Journal of the Canadian Historical Association.

My teaching experience includes multiple teaching assistantships in modern European, German, and Caribbean history. For two years I served as the Teaching Assistant Mentor in the Department of History, training and mentoring roughly 35 TAs both within and outside the department. I just completed my first teaching contract  – HIST 2510: Nineteenth Century Germany – with the Department of History in fall 2016.

Beyond my academic pursuits, I love coffee, tea, great television, pugs, and writing. Forever a fan of social media, you can follow me on Twitter @megainer, and find me on I even Instagram, though beware: I do take annoying pictures of food, babies, and trees. This blog will hopefully help me keep track of my academic interests, as well as work my way through some of my current research projects.

Opinions are my own, and do not reflect the opinions of my employers.